Journey from Gmail to Office 365 (ITMEL post)

This post was originally a reply to an email thread on the ITMEL mailing list, discussing Google to Microsoft migrations and Microsoft Teams. Ended up being somewhat comprehensive so figured I’d record it (slightly edited) here. Perhaps may discuss some of these topics more at some stage.

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Why iBought an iPad

I’ve never been a big user of Apple products. Like many people, I find the higher prices a barrier for entry to the revered “ecosystem” (especially when I can buy a Lenovo ThinkPad Edges series for a fraction of the cost!) There’s no doubt they create a great user experience, through the marriage of quality hardware with tailored software, but I’ve never felt the need to enter into that world – until now.

My goal: achieve a high-quality digital inking experience for minimal cost.

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Free Office 365 email signatures with PowerShell

There are plenty of paid options out there to manage Office 365 email signatures, but what if you could do it for free?… PowerShell to the rescue! This post is collation and adaptation of what I’ve found online when implementing staff signatures in my environment. Note: the focus here will be on applying signatures in the Outlook Web App, although these signatures can be deployed to Outlook desktop applications when placed in the right userprofile folder etc. Might do an update down the track.

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Active directory password reset by CSV file

As an IT pro with a “functional” PowerShell knowledge, I hunted around a bit online looking for a way to do this. None of the solutions I found were doing what I wanted so I thought I’d share my simple solution. In this case, I was looking for a solution to quickly and easily reset and document bulk passwords for restricted student exam accounts.

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