Quick, in-place Windows 10 1803 upgrade script

Here’s a quick script I’ve been using to do in-place upgrades to build 1803 on some shared trolley machines these holidays. It uses the setup exe in the VLSC ISO. I used a batch file as, unlike a PowerShell script (unfortunately), its quick and easy to launch from the Run dialogue.

Script (running from network share):

powershell.exe Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath "[path to 1803 ISO]"
[mounted drive letter]:\setup.exe /auto upgrade

No optical disk drives in the laptops I’m upgrading so I hard-coded D:\ into my script as the mounted drive letter. I’m sure there’s some auto-detecting magic that you could put into it if you wanted to 🙂

The “/auto upgrade” option keeps all existing files/apps and checks for updates in the process (see all options below). I have been playing around with passive Windows Update caching using an dockerised NGINX server, which seems to be working alright in this deployment environment. More testing to come…

See full setup.exe options below.